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My Adam, for every time I close my eyes I see you thinking I must be dreaming.

You are my dream, my truth, my everything, do you know that?

Why do I keep calling you while you ignore me like this? The messages I send are unanswered questions. While knowing all this the actions you take cannot make my heart rest, and it is truly saddening.

My Adam, I have studied your actions to see if I am at fault and have gone through myself the last weeks.

If I am to distance myself from you, to not talk to you, for then I know that I have done something to separate us.

Why is it that the calling every night, like I have grown used to, have stopped?

Without waiting for your answer, I try several times to reach you.

To tell you about my sorrow and lift a burden off my shoulders, not to take away your freedom.

Put in mind my kind heart and I know that I am waiting for your reply.

My Adam, I know that you are not of the type that thinks “She likes me, she is fond of me” and act arrogant. However, I know that I cannot have everything in this world and I wonder if your heart desires somebody else.

If you want to be missed, be careful not to be forgotten, I am reminding you.

Finally, the roots in my heart that loves you might wither and then don’t tell me you want to come back, I would like to remind you.



VIBRO MAG har det redaksjonelle ansvaret for sakenes presseetiske grunnlag, men meningene som uttrykkes er knyttet til produsentens/ journalistens egne oppfatninger og opplevelser. Vi ønsker å være en plattform for alle som ønsker å uttrykke seg, og står derfor ikke nødvendigvis bak alle utsagn.

Arsema Teklehaymano

Arsema Teklehaymano

My name is Arseema goitom Teklehaymano. I was born in Asmera Eritrea in 1988. I was living with my family, and after i finished school I went to Sawa to continue high level education and finish my national service. After that I was working different jobs like receptionist and others . I had also been taking some courses. I am really interested in taking pictures, especially of the nature. I really enjoy my pictures and i was so glad when I met VIBRO Magazine because I can show my pictures through them. Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity.

29 år

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