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As the title indicates the small article will base on my personal past and future expectations.  

Eritrea is my home country which is under administration of tyrant and dictatorial government. It is a country where i was forced to be part of obligatory, endless national service. By the time i opposed to serve the one and only ruling party, i passed through different kinds of torture and imprisonment in different places without trial. Therefore i was forced to leave my own country in search of safety, and need of basic human rights .


I arrived to Norway back in february 2017 passing through a couple of countries, at full of risks for my life. Since i was born and grew up in a little bit warm place, first it was hard to cope with the new cold climate of winter, but it wasn’t a big deal  because i already started to believe i was gaining something, like feelings of being safe and protected. Besides that, like everyone else i had felt a right to educate, work, and live my own life if i fulfil the basic duties of the country as a normal human being.


Though i have passed through a very short period of experience in Norway, for the future i believe that i have to ready myself to integrate in a new society with different language, attitude and way of life. As per my observations as a refugee i may face two kinds of different reactions from nordmenn and other foreigners across time.


It is obvious that at the beginning the perspective towards me as a refugee may be discouraging till they see who i am around and my settlement in this country. Because it is always in people’s mind that a refugee can be terrorist or lethal criminal who disturbs their peaceful life. I will not give up on proving that i am a normal human being who is also here to live in peace. Later after they realise who i am and my purpose of being in this country, and when they let me into their system, I hope everything will be normal.



VIBRO MAG har det redaksjonelle ansvaret for sakenes presseetiske grunnlag, men meningene som uttrykkes er knyttet til produsentens/ journalistens egne oppfatninger og opplevelser. Vi ønsker å være en plattform for alle som ønsker å uttrykke seg, og står derfor ikke nødvendigvis bak alle utsagn.

Petros Araya


While living in Ila integration camp, Oslo I got this opportunity to write my thoughts and opinions from VIBRO MAG. I was so excited and initiated myself to raise some awareness to this society, about current socio-political situations in my country, Eritrea.

Long time ago, as part of the requirements to fulfill to the degree of Bachelor of Art in Anthropology and Archaeology in Asmara University, I wrote articles and thesis. All researches were educational focused on culture related past and present of Eritrean societies. In Eritrea there is no freedom of press, therefore  no guarantee at all, writing on current political issues is considerd as committing suicide. But lastly and here safely I am capable of expressing some of the things from my thoughts deep inside. Thanks to VIBRO MAG staff for their collaboration.

35 år, petroswediqeshi@yahoo.com

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